• blissoma-glow-good-earth-powder-exfoliant

    On The Hunt For The Gentlest Scrub Of All: Is This It?

    I still cringe when I think of my teenage self rubbing those scrubs all over my face. Too often, they left my skin all red. I thought it was a sign they worked. The glow would soon come, surely. It didn’t. They weren’t working. They were irritating my skin. Ouch! That’s the problem with physical […]

  • mac volcanic ash exfoliator a review

    Is MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Worth The Hype?

    Remember how hard it was to get your hands on MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator? This scrub achieved cult status so soon, it was sold out in a matter of hours every time it was released! WTH was so special about it? Hype. That sells more skincare products than good ingredients. *Sighs* These days, getting your […]