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  • medik8 crystal retinal 6

    Does Retinaldehyde Works Better & Faster Than Retinol For Wrinkles?

    Is retinol’s reign over? Up until now, no other retinoid was a serious threat to its OTC supremacy. Everything else was too gentle to make a dent on wrinkles or too unstable to be of an any use. Those days are over. Meet retinaldehyde, a form of vitamin A that promises to work faster than […]

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    The Retinol Serum I Can’t Live Without

    So, you’ve been using retinol for a while, slowly building up tolerance like a skincare pro, and are now ready to go to the ultimate level: 1.5%. But how do you get there without turning your skin into a red and flaky mess? Because your skin may be used to retinol, but 1.5% is huge […]

  • Indeed retinol reface

    Does Indeed Retinol Reface Really Contain More Than One Form Of Retinol?

    “What’s the best product to reduce wrinkles, Gio?” I get this question ALL the time. As soon as I mention I’m a skincare junkie, everyone wants to know my anti-aging secrets. My answer? Retinol (or any other form of vitamin A. It just happens that retinol is the most common). You can recognize a retinol […]