• the body shop coconut body butter review 01

    The Coconut Body Butter That Saves My Skin Every Winter

    The first time I used the The Body Shop Body Butter, I heard angels singing from above. I know it sounds silly, but my skin is SO dry, most body creams and lotions leave it even drier and thirsting for more moisture. I had almost given up hope when I came across these body butters […]


  • shaving myth

    Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker?

    Does shaving makes your hair grow back thicker? I’ve been asking myself this question lately because I’ve always shaved. When those fuzzy little hair started appearing early on in puberty, my mind quietly handed me a razor and showed me how to use it to get my smooth legs back. Since then, shaving has been […]


  • guide to orange concealer

    How To Use Orange Concealer

    How do you use orange concealer? Yes, orange concealer is a thing. Gone are the days when flesh-coloured concealer way the only way to hide dark spots, large pores, and any minor blemishes. But sometimes, they’re not enough. You need something stronger to cover what a flesh-toned concealer still allows to show. That’s where orange […]


  • medik8 crystal retinal 6

    Retinaldehyde: The Benefits Of Retinol Without The Irritation?

    Are you curious about the benefits of Retinaldehyde, the new retinoid on the block? Lately, I’ve been cheating on Retinol with its cousin, Retinaldehyde. I know, I know. But, hear me out before judging me. I first met Retinol in my mid-20s. It promised to help me fight those pesky crows’ feet that were already […]


  • mother dirt moisturizer

    When Do Skincare Products Expire?

    Do your skincare products expire? Sure, nothing lasts forever. But how long do your lotions and potions last – especially when you haven’t even opened the bottle yet? 🤔 I’m a skincare magpie. Always looking for the next big thing. And when I find it, the old one gets unceremoniously dumped into a drawer. But, […]